A Winnable War?

How Hitler's Wehrmacht Could Have Defeated Stalin's Red Army in World War II

A Winnable War?

Was the defeat of Stalin's Red Army in World War II Possible?

Could ths David and Goliath fight to the death result in a German victory? Ken Weiler, in 12 insightful essays describes how Nazi Germany could have defeated its chief enemy. Using selected revisions in the Nazi economy, diplomatic, military, technical and racial policies Weiler describes in convincing detail, using the historical record and accompanying hypothetical scenarios, how this was, in fact, possible.

The subject of a German victory over the giant Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' Red Army has been long debated, discussed and researched. But now, Weiler constructs, for the first time, a point by point, discussion in technical and historic detail of how a German victory in the East was possible. 

This is Weiler's third book in his series of histories on the Eastern Fron in World War II. With his military knowledge, work at the Eisenhower National Historic Site and publishing experience he is well positioned t address this historically challenging and fascinating subject. Could the German's have won? You decide.

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